Having a tough go at prospecting? 

• Stressed out over prospecting and avoiding cold and warm calls?
• Concerned about new business numbers and constantly feeding the funnel?
• Worried about a revenue plateau or shrinking market share?


Your Are Not Alone!

So many clients and prospects approach us with similar issues. We've designed a session just for people like you to overcome the daunting task of prospecting by learning a stress-free strategy for new business development.  


Learn a stress-free strategy for new business development, including the attitudes, behaviors, and techniques that you can immediately implement in your next outbound sales call.
Here’s what you’ll learn in an action packed 3-hour training...
  • Prospecting best practices
  • Creating a supportive mindset and eliminating head trash
  • Creating mutual rapport and comfort
  • Differentiating the first two (2) minutes of the phone call
  • Pain-based messaging
  • Discovery and questioning skills designed to uncover opportunities
  • Overcoming objections
  • Closing for the clear next step
Investment for this course: $450 per person
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