Customer Service


Customer Service is a very important and often overlooked aspect of selling. So much depends on the performance of this unique role - from building strong customer relationships to uncovering customers' ongoing needs to establishing/maintaining customer loyalty. Customer care can make or break accounts your sales team worked hard to win. 

Customer Service people have to know how

  • Analyze situations without getting swept up by emotions - theirs or the prospect's
  • Act appropriately and calm in stressful situations
  • Initiate the actions required to effectively and efficiently deal with difficulties
  • Address customers needs and solve problems with best-fit solutions
  • Respond to customers requests using clear and concise language in a calm tone

Dealing with customers who are confused, frustrated or upset in emotionally charged situations doesn't come naturally to most people. It takes training, practice and reinforcement to empower your people to act calmly and effectively during those uncomfortable situations. 

Sandler Trained Customer Service People...

  1. Treat customers with respect
  2. Address customers requests in a straight-forward, non-manipulative manner
  3. Are effective communicators in person, on the telephone and by email
  4. Remain objective and avoid confrontation
  5. Ask questions to analyze the situations before recommending solutions
  6. Can effectively recommend additional products and services that benefit the customer and add to your top-line revenue and customer retention

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