Executive Leadership Retreat

The Most Important Meeting of the Year...
is the meeting of company top executives to formulate the strategy for the year ahead, to build bridges among leaders, and to evaluate review the work completed in the past year. Make sure you are getting the most out of this meeting by having SaleFish facilitate. 
Why Invest In An Executive Retreat?

Great companies are led by great leaders…who work together. We believe the old adage that teams are stronger than individuals. That camaraderie that you’re trying to create in your organization won’t happen unless your leadership team is also working together for a brighter future. Here are some things that will happen when you invest in an executive retreat:

  • Get out of the office and break habitual “to do’s” of office life
  • Gain fresh and new perspectives
  • Create a strong and respectful team working to achieve the same goal(s)
  • Break down barriers between departments
  • Align leaders in strong, singular vision
  • Get back to the office with energy, clarity, and one-ness.

SaleFish has teamed up with resorts on the island of Maui to provide an unparalleled experience. Why Maui? Maui no ka oi! Well, it is, but that's not really why. We find that when we work with Executives who are trying to achieve a higher level with their team, the island of Maui provides a special “mana” that enables higher levels of creativity and focus. It doesn't hurt that it's one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Typical Engagement

Step 1:

We’ll consult and assess your team prior to the meeting date to get a clear picture of your organization's current state. We will find strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots. This will typically involve taking 1+ customer assessments.

Step 2:

We’ll share our findings and work with you to determine priorities. Based on what we come up with together, we’ll build a custom retreat program that will hit your focus areas, help you stay on task, and drown out the unnecessary noise.

Step 3:

Ever wasted 45 minutes on a topic that didn’t move you forward? Don’t go down another rat-hole. During the program, we’ll act as the facilitator and moderator, inspiring creative goal-oriented discussions. We’ll help your team work efficiently and stay on task. We’ll also aid in planning off-premise activities to further enable team bonding.

Step 4:

Our post-meeting debrief will review the key elements and goals uncovered during the retreat. We’ll enable you to take the driver’s seat in guiding your company to the success that your team has outlined or put a program together where we’ll aid you through the year-long journey (until your next leadership meeting).

Interested in learning more?

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