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Whether you're booking a Sales Incentive Trip or an Executive Retreat, we have you covered. SaleFish, LLC uses world-renowned Sandler™ methodologies to provide your team with the skills and mindset they will need to break comfort zones and achieve new normals. Read below to learn more about how we impact mindset, inspire action, and elevate performance.


AdobeStock_90585721Why Incentive Travel

Sales organizations have long used travel incentive programs to help motivate individual performance and achieve lofty business goals. These trips are designed to be equal part reward and recognition.

Incentive travel programs directly impact individual motivation, retention and performance. This in turn positively affects the organization’s culture and business results.

Trips give top performers well deserved recognition by upper management and time to recharge outside the office. Those individual return to their desk feeling renewed and eager to hit their next big target.

What Kind of Carrot Are You Dangling?

Sale Incentives are what many companies dangle in front of their sales teams to drive growth and exceed revenue targets. We'll also add that they work pretty well at incentivizing hard work. Sales incentive trips of the past would mostly consist of a boondoggle. Work hard, play hard...right? Well, we are finding that many of our AdobeStock_61885787clients have a sales force who is looking for, and expecting, more. We're hearing that the current generation of sales professionals are:

  • Willing to work exceptionally hard, but want recognition

  • Place a high value on learning

  • Love to hear there's a career path, but want your help in developing the skills to get to the next level

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Regroup and Recharge Your Leadership Team

AdobeStock_231522891Does your company have aggressive growth plans this year? You're not alone. We work with Executive teams all over the world to develop goals and and execute on the actions that drive towards success.

Why Maui? Maui no ka oi! Well, it is, but that's not really why. We find that when we work with Executives who are trying to achieve a higher level with their team, the island of Maui provides a special mana (energy) that enables higher levels of creativity and focus. It doesn't hurt that it's one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

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