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At Sandler, We Are All About Process.

Through our relationships with thousands of organizations, we have found that the ones who outperform expectations have a striking similarity. Their leadership has a process around, and excels at, decision-making. They know that when making a big decision, it’s imperative to seek out many different view points – especially opposing ones. Those leaders who only surround themselves with like-minded team members, inevitably have “blind spots”. This is one of the most serious obstacles to rapid revenue growth.

That's why there's no surprise that we created a leadership growth model to overcome leadership blind spots. The process, has been tested and proven in multiple industries, revolves around 6 P’s and has an overarching goal of Organizational Excellence.936b55fe-the-6-ps-final-lowres_0bs0cs0bs0bp000000-1-1

  • Planning
  • Position
  • People
  • Processes
  • Performetrics
  • Passion

These sequential components create a continuous, repeatable process that will drive your company to long term stability and success.  

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How do we help you create Organizational Excellence
Following the process, we’ll help you answer keys questions in each category: Planning, Position, People, Processes, Performetrics, and Passion. We’ll help you:
  • Define your current state
  • Outline goals and priorities
  • Mature your current best practices and create new ones
  • Assess your team and give you guidance on strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop performance metrics
  • Give your passion a voice for those who work at your company

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This program is designed for leaders who have decision-making authority in setting the company’s strategic direction, with an aim of enhancing growth and profitability.Leadership-Workbook-3DImage-Standing-Thumbnail-1-1 

Purpose: To help you move your company closer to excellence – by having a vision for where you want to be, a plan to get there, the right positions clearly laid out on the organizational chart, the right people in those positions following the right systems and processes, and posting measurable results that are analyzed regularly to gauge progress towards key goals using the right KPIs. 


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