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What is our Sales Mastery Course?
Sales Mastery is a course focused on the Sandler Sales Methodology. During these classes, we learn, we coach, we brainstorm on how to overcome obstacles in current opportunities, we work on goal setting, etc. 
Who is a good fit for this class?
Our current enrollees are a pretty dynamic group. We have business development, customer service, and sales professionals from technology, financial, insurance, specialty, and consulting services. A good rule of thumb: If you have any responsibility ( all) for growing revenue at the company you're with, there is a good chance this class will help you.
When is this class offered?
This class is offered weekly on Tuesday mornings at the SaleFish Headquarters. 
What do I need to do in order to reserve my FREE spot?
Please fill out this form to your right. Make sure all information is accurate because we will need to reach out to you with additional information and logistics.
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Contact us online or call us at 508-449-3861.